#WritingCommunity – Grammarly’s Google Docs Monopoly

Grammarly… I love it. Kinda. The paid version is probably the greatest thing on planet earth for proofreading novels if you are broke, and can’t afford an editor. HOWEVER. They are the only one that works with Google Docs. Period.

I paid for ProWritingAid premium for 2 years. I paid for it because it said it works with Google Docs and it’s great at improving your novel’s flow. It doesn’t work with Google Docs so I refunded it.

Someone needs to update the ProWritingAid website and tell consumers it doesn’t work Google Docs anymore!

Ginger is better than PWA for finding grammar mistakes, but it doesn’t work with google docs either.

I went to google docs add-on section looking for an upgraded Grammar Checker. They exist but none of them work. You are locked out where it says “authorization error.” Every single one. Who works?

Grammarly… and that’s it!

“Why not just use Grammarly free?”

Because Grammarly FREE is a crappy version of Ginger and ProWritingAid. If you want it to be useful for proofreading or copyediting… pay up that $30 fee for a month or $140 for a year. To make their own software WORK CORRECTLY.

I used Grammarly Pro along with some other tools to write The Decay and it worked great… sometimes. The problem with most grammar checkers is they are not a one click solution. You must approve every single edit they suggest.

My suggestion?

Use Ginger for grammar checking, because it works exactly like Grammarly pro.

Use ProWritingAid to help clean up your prose.

Use Grammarly Pro if you can afford it and MUST use google docs and nothing else.

Don’t use Grammarly Free at all. It’s garbage.

I’d use Grammarly Pro wasn’t so expensive for something you get for free with Ginger or ProWritingAid.

There is something going on with Google & Grammarly. There’s no way none of the other sites can use it when they have been around longer than Grammarly.

Here’s the kicker… I paid for Grammarly Pro to do deep edits for The Decayand also got help from some English majors to help us on that book. It didn’t work with Google Doc’s back then. I had to copy and paste chunks of text in it one after another manually. So basically I wasted $30 on something Ginger already does for FREE.


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