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I will be adding writing prompts weekly to give you some inspiration for your stories. Come back every Saturday @ 9 PM EST to get a new prompt. Leave a comment below if this is helpful. They are all 100% free, no strings attached, completely open to the public.


The gates of hell have opened and only your main character can find out how to close them before it’s too late.


You inherited the house from an uncle you were never close to, but something doesn’t seem right when you arrive.


Write about a ship that avoids crashing into the dock by taking flight somehow.


The USA and Russia are on the edge of war. Write a story about preparing for the imminent attack!


A cold case gets hot again as a cop chases down his partner’s killer


A man finds a mysterious box outside of his house. What’s inside?


A man goes back to his hometown and nobody remembers him


Hitler has come back to life and you have to find a way to stop him before he regains power


The main character finds an ancient cursed keepsake in his grandfather’s attic.


Satan comes back and the MC has to try and stop him from taking over the world


A zombie apocalypse breaks out and you are stuck in a bunker trying to survive on only 2 weeks worth of food.


Write a short story about a detective tracking down a woman’s missing husband.


You wake up in a place you’ve never been before and have to find a way out.

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