#WritersLife – The History of Second Sight: The Decay

I created the concept for Second Sight: The Decay while I was picking up a pizza. As funny as that sounds, that’s what happened. I drove up to the pizza place, and the concept popped into my head out of nowhere.

“You know… a cop who goes to his childhood hometown and has hallucinations would be a cool episode.”

I was working on an anthology series for Youtube. The same vein as creepypasta stories but deeper conceptually. After rave reviews from the first anthology episode called “The White Room Episode 1,”  I decided I wanted to turn that story into a “choose your own adventure” novel. That never happened, unfortunately.

Second Sight was never released as an episode. It was originally intended to be a spin-off of “The White Room.” Not a continuation, but more like an extension. White Room took place in the eponymous “White Room” where a man woke up trapped inside then it went on from there. (Can’t spoil it, you’ll know why if you buy Second Sight: The Decay Novel)

Second sight was originally a  short story that was only about 5000 words. Took place in one town, then stopped abruptly because it was supposed to be a serialized radio drama. Obviously, that radio drama never came to fruition and I’ll tell you why.

I was writing the script for the “Second Sight: A Radio Drama.” I had some people cast to be voice actors.I talked to my friend—my co-author Lotus Token—and he said: “This would work better as a book.”

At first, I was skeptical. We got into a call on my personal discord server and he showed me an example of a story he had scrapped. It was only around 2000 words, but it was incredibly immersive. The prose sounded exactly like mine, and it had the same feeling I wanted for Second Sight: The Decay.

So, after reading that I asked him to help me do some work on mine. In return, I’d help him expand his scrapped book. All 3 stories written into the Second Sight: The Decay albeit with major changes so it all fit.

He added in a few characters, a new plotline and after that, he handed it back to me, and It gave me a rush of inspiration. I wrote at least 2k words a day average and 8k on one day.

Lotus looked over what I gave back to him. He liked it and we decided to team up because we just synced up perfectly. Prose-wise, creatively, everything just fit perfectly for this novel. By the time we finished the first draft, we looked at it and knew if we expanded it all, we would have 2-3 novels worth of content with ZERO FILLER. It was that much inspiration.

Over time it just kept growing with new locations, characters, plotlines. We finally came to the point where we both said we have to stop adding things. They were great concepts, some got scrapped. The problem was if we kept going the book would have ended up being longer than The Stand by Stephen King.

The story has evolved far past what I originally intended and I can say it was all for the better. I will say out of my 20 years of writing it’s the best project I’ve ever written. I took inspiration from people like Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Michael Chricton. This novel has stayed in my thoughts, dreams, and in my mind throughout my day-to-day life. I can’t get myself away from it! I hope it has that same effect on the readers. In a good way of course.

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