#WritingCommunity – Grammarly’s Google Docs Monopoly

Grammarly… I love it. Kinda. The paid version is probably the greatest thing on planet earth for proofreading novels if you are broke, and can’t afford an editor. HOWEVER. They are the only one that works with Google Docs. Period. I paid for ProWritingAid premium for 2 years. I paid for it because it said … Read more#WritingCommunity – Grammarly’s Google Docs Monopoly

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#Marketing – How To Price Your Books!

Book Pricing is complicated… I will tell you my method and what’s worked for me. When you launch your first book, regardless of size, charge 99c and go straight to the book promotion sites early. Read about which promotional sites to use here. The strategy here is to get eyes on your book early and … Read more#Marketing – How To Price Your Books!

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#WritingTips – Don’t Write Multiple Books!

When you write a series you will think about multiple books at once. What will happen in this one? What about book 2? What about future plot points in the follow up novels that won’t fit in this novel’s scope? Stop! You are over plotting. Over plotting, for lack of a better term, is when … Read more#WritingTips – Don’t Write Multiple Books!

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#Marketing – Bookbub Alternatives Tested!

Book Bub featured promotions are the gold standard for book promotion, but how do their cheaper alternatives do? This is a follow up to my previous blog post called “How To Get Your First 10 Sales.” Note: I ran all promotions with Second Sight: The Decay priced at 99c for the entire promotional period. This … Read more#Marketing – Bookbub Alternatives Tested!

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#WritingTips – Inspiration Vs Plagiarism

Mark Twain said it best… We are influenced by our favorite media. Whether it be in fiction, non-fiction, music, or elsewhere. My influences come from a lot of different places. I love video games, movies, books, and music. I play guitar and sometimes I have this phenomenon happen to me. I’ll have a guitar piece I think … Read more#WritingTips – Inspiration Vs Plagiarism

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#WritersLife – Is KDP Select Worth It?

Is KDP Select worth? I used KDP Select when I first released Second Sight: The Decay thinking that would help me grow my audience with all these neat things Amazon will give me to push it. Will it push my book higher in the algorithm? Nope! Will Kindle Unlimited help me get more readers? Nope! … Read more#WritersLife – Is KDP Select Worth It?

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#WritersLife – Failure Is Not An Option

Failure is not an option, because in writing failure doesn’t exist. After writing 3 novels, published one last year and two coming out this year. Your first success is completing that first sentence that didn’t exist before. It isn’t a failure until you throw it away. That single sentence, paragraph, page, or full novel can be revised, rewritten, … Read more#WritersLife – Failure Is Not An Option

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#WritingTips: Is it better to be a pantser or plotter?

There are two types of authors. Pantsers and Plotters. A pantser is an improviser. They play the song by ear. They roll with it and whatever comes out is what gets on the page. If it sounds good, it’s good. A plotter is someone who makes an outline of the story at the beginning and they … Read more#WritingTips: Is it better to be a pantser or plotter?

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