#WritingTips – Write For Yourself!

If you have ever talked to me on social media, you know I write novels to you. I don’t type novels to get your attention. That’s just how I talk! I am a very open person when it comes to texting/direct messages. When I am in person or on the phone, I’m much less talkative. … Read more#WritingTips – Write For Yourself!

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#WritersLife – Listening To Music Helps You Write Better!

When I wrote Second Sight: The Decay I listened to music the entire time. It depended on the scene but my writing is very much guided by music. As you will see in the book there is a lot of references to music and sound. That’s for good reason. I’ve been a musician my entire … Read more#WritersLife – Listening To Music Helps You Write Better!

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#WritersLife – Second Sight Cut Content #1

There was originally a choose your own adventure book that I described in the previous post. It was called “The White Room” which was one of those “Trapped in a room, how do I escape?” scenarios. It was one of those books that I wrote a long time ago. It was originally called “Escape from … Read more#WritersLife – Second Sight Cut Content #1

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#WritersLife – The History of Second Sight: The Decay

I created the concept for Second Sight: The Decay while I was picking up a pizza. As funny as that sounds, that’s what happened. I drove up to the pizza place, and the concept popped into my head out of nowhere. “You know… a cop who goes to his childhood hometown and has hallucinations would … Read more#WritersLife – The History of Second Sight: The Decay

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