#WritersLife – Listening To Music Helps You Write Better!

When I wrote Second Sight: The Decay I listened to music the entire time. It depended on the scene but my writing is very much guided by music. As you will see in the book there is a lot of references to music and sound. That’s for good reason. I’ve been a musician my entire life and everyone in my family plays or sings. They have played music for generations.

For some examples. When I wrote a scene in the book involving a ship I was listening to Cross by Kip WingerIt’s a great song and the album is called “Songs from The Ocean Floor”. It’s a great album that has a very progressive feel. Absolutely recommended if you are into soft rock with a progressive edge.

So, when I’m writing a scene I don’t plan it out. I let the music I’m listening to dictate where it goes. I know what kind of scene it will be. I know from the get-go “this is going to be a scary scene” so I’ll put on some scary music. Or if I am writing a placid, beautiful love scene—yes there are a few in Second Sight—I’ll put on Ghost by Devin Townsend Project. That album is so underrated. If you don’t own it you need to right now. Even if you aren’t a writer it’s the most beautiful, seamless, immersive albums of all time. It’s gorgeous.

When I wrote the action scenes I’d toss on something super aggressive. My go-to for those scenes was always Immortal’s At The Heart of Winter Album.

My point is I always have music on all the time. Sometimes it’ll be classical music like Albinoni or Vivaldi’s slower pieces. Sometimes it’s something nuts like Black Metal. Other times I’ll sit back and enjoy a country song or two. I listen to it all. Music is a big determiner of how a scene comes out. I know it’s still me writing it but if I’m listening to Immortal when I’m writing a love scene it’ll be pretty weird.

The one thing I hate most in life is silence. I don’t like a lot of chaos, but I need sound. Even when I’m writing with the music off I have a fan on in the background. It’s just how I am. I always have to have some kind of sound around me or I’ll go nuts. Which was a big reason I decided to make Second Sight available on Audible. I love audiobooks more than Kindle and physical books.

There’s something engrossing about hearing someone read a book to you. Like when you were a child, and you wanted your parents to tell you a story at night. Even as an adult at 29 years old; I still love that feeling from Audiobooks.

When I first heard our audiobook reader audition I was blown away. He had that feeling I wanted. He gave me that feeling like I was there. I know there are others who may be able to have a better voice or more feeling but this guy captured that character. That’s what gets to me about music or audiobooks. The lyrics/words can be incredible, but if you can pair that with the perfect singer/narrator it makes it so much better.

My question for you…

What do you think about audiobooks? What music do you love that helps you escape everyday life?

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