#WritingTips – Don’t Write Multiple Books!

When you write a series you will think about multiple books at once. What will happen in this one? What about book 2? What about future plot points in the follow up novels that won’t fit in this novel’s scope?

Stop! You are over plotting.

Over plotting, for lack of a better term, is when you focus on multiple books at once when you SHOULD BE focusing on ONE. The only thing this will do is frustrate you and make you toss out good work.

When I finished writing Black Sun in September 2018, I thought it was a failure. Not because it was a bad book, but it became a Second Sight novel when it wasn’t originally intended to be one. I put it away and worked on Dreamer. Which is a real Second Sight novel!

When you write a lot you kind of get lost in the groove of it and sometimes you get derailed and go nuts. Chill out!

Stuff that did not work in Black Sun in August 2018 worked PERFECTLY in Dreamer. It needed rewrites to make it sound right, but the overall content fit Dreamer like a glove.

My biggest regret writing The Decay was throwing out original drafts of scenes and areas that I wanted in the book.

After I rewrote something I’d toss out the old one. It was stupid. Even though those scenes probably couldn’t be reused in other books, it was foolish to not keep records of my past “failures.”

Don’t throw your work away, put it to the side, and let it sit there. It’s just paper or a 1-megabyte file on your computer. It will not give the rest of your books herpes even if it is complete trash.

Focus on one book at a time. If you are writing a series, that’s great, I am too. However, write that one book… enjoy it. Let it evolve on its own. You don’t have to write the entire series in one day or all at once. Just focus on one step at a time. Instead of worrying about writing multiple books at a time, as I do, put up a giant note on your PC that says “NO! FOCUS ON (your books name here).”

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