Stop Praying, Start Deporting! #NYCStrong – FoxDie Podcast #18

Let’s not even bother with the #PrayForX hashtags anymore they don’t work. Sometimes you have to just take an issue head on and deal with it yourself! I’ll tell you something, as a christian man. Straight up, God IS NOT A GENIE! You don’t get to rub the bible, pray alot, and expect something to happen instantly.

Sometimes you get what you ask for, sometimes ya don’t. Well it’s pretty obvious that God making 1.6 million people go poof or leave the west isn’t gonna happen. Sorry, I’m a Christian but i’ll even tell you it’s not gonna be God or any deity who fixes this crisis.

A hilarious talking point the leftists have come up with now is to compare Las Vegas, Charlottesville, and NYC to try and virtue signal for the Muslims. Well… let’s destroy that meme before it spreads shall we?

Well I can’t argue with this particular one. Hes right on all 3! Good job liberals!

Well yeah. This is right also. Reason being is that the terrorist from Manhattan wasn’t a citizen here. Neither are most of the immigrants coming here or traveling here.

Once again 3/3 liberals are right… even when they are trying to pull a fast one they screw up by telling the truth!

Oh by the way if you wanna cry some crocodile tears watch this video…