SJWs Nukes Boston! – FoxDie Podcast #14

And the hits keep on coming folks. Where do I even start… let’s start with the original report.

Don’t let the name of the channel fool you, that was taken from the local Boston news NBC Channel 7. 

Yet another “Anti-Racism” march in Boston and students are crying over one sign. Also apparently their Black Lives Matter signs were vandalized… Yeah I would vandalize any signs saying “Join Isis” too! I kid, I kid. Send your hate mail to if you get offended by that.

So let’s dig a little deeper shall we?

The signs were posted near a campus map just ahead of a student march called “Silence is Still Violence,” which spurred hundreds of students to protest.

“There is a racist culture here, and it comes in all different forms of micro-aggressions, macro-aggressions, directly or indirectly, or even passivity,” march organizer and student Olivia Sutton said. Source: NBC Boston

Lovely, grand, well done Boston. You are two clicks away from becoming part of the KKK, Neo Nazi, Facist/Racist USA! Good job going from being the centerpiece for the Boston Tea Party and in a few hundred years going straight to the Boston Cry-In.

Boston has two major maladies at this point that are actively destroying it. One is remotely listening to Black Lives Matter on any topic, and two the godawful Fallout 4 is based there. I can see why the Chinese is gonna nuke us now before the year 3000 folks…

As for the new blatant “racism” in Boston why not take a look in the mirror Black Lives Matter? You people are the crybaby version of the Black Panthers for god sake! Every single time you blow up about some thug getting blown away for a good reason 99% of the time you do nothing but destroy your own areas.

You really make me think that you are working for the real estate moguls, gentrifying your crumbling neighborhoods you already destroyed so they can make a profit. You know they pay protesters like 1,500 per protest! It’s good money, get ya out of McDonalds at the speed of light my friend.

Also… this is racist now, right?

Food for thought… Democrats were always against non whites until the PC era. Watch the video below to see the truth.. From a black woman.

  • vonSanneck

    History they don’t want you to look at.