Seattle4Truth Murders His Father – FoxDie Podcast #11

Lane “Seattle4Truth” Davis was a former writer for

Before we start I’d like to say in Ralph’s defense that some people are giving Ralph way too much flak for having this guy write for him. Ralph isn’t a psychic, nobody knew he would kill his dad no matter how bad you want to spin it. A lot of people have anger issues, a lot of people online are pretty “out there”. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Now onto what actually happened. A Ralph Retort contributor known as WildGooseBWC published these videos that shed more light on what really happened during this incident.

WildGooseBWC was an acquaintance of Seattle4Truth and had more experience with the man, therefore i’d take his analysis of the issue with much more weight than my own.

After the incident Ethan Ralph, the owner of The Ralph Retort, put out a statement disavowing himself with the Seattle4Truth and decided to take his articles off of the website out of respect for the dead.

News has reached me that Lane Maurice Davis (aka Seattle4Truth) has murdered his own father in cold blood. It’s no secret that Lane has contributed to The Ralph Retort for a number of years but those days are over. In fact, after today, I’m erasing all of his articles.

There’s more to the statement, see the link above to see the full statement.

Unfortunately upon taking what I believe was an appropriate action for this situation, you can’t please everybody. Of course, MundaneMatt one of Ralph’s harshest critics had to put his 2 cents in and go full CNN about the issue.

Top level journalistic integrity there. Top level content. Just blame the owner of the company who killed nobody for everything. Great work Matt, you absolute hack!

Also, The Daily Beast quoted the podcast. Politics aside, I thank them for listening and spreading the show.