RedPillBlack IS NOT REDPILLED – FoxDie Podcast #15

Candid 3.0 anyone? Remember when BeCandid came around and all the skeptics were on board? Well now we have the opposite. and RedPillBlack. was a doxing service. Nothing more. There is no way you can spin it otherwise. It was literally a site to database “Harassers” and “Trolls” with their real life information. You say something on twitter that SJWs don’t like? Somebody will get your name, address, employer, etc and then screenshots of what you said and post it on the database. It was literally a doxing database. For a full video about watch this great breakdown by my friend Dave Cullen aka “Computing Forever”

The founder Candace “RedPillBlack” Owens apparently saw the error of her ways and took the site down recently. There is still a lot of controversy around it because now Candace Owens is blaming the anti-sjws for it going down. She claims there is a “paid anti social autopsy” campaign against her. Well Candice you’re wrong.

I hate the skeptic community more than anyone! I think they are pompous douche bags who are self righteous and corrupt. I’d love for this conspiracy theory to be true! It would give me so much lulz to see them do it all over again!

They still didn’t do this. Now, they did do something similar in the past when it came to Candid. They were paid by Bindu Reddy to play goalie against the critics of her AI-CensorBot. You are not Bindu Reddy, Candace. Proof Skeptics Played Goalie Along With Many Other Things:

I hate to say this… Zoe Quinn… Did something RIGHT FOR ONCE?! Jesus Christ i never thought i’d say that. She got mad because it would out all of Zoe Quinn’s SJW buddies including Randy “Hamburger Harpie” for doxing, and getting people fired. Bad side of this… Zoe is still a moron because she forgot we have the CON LEAKS! We have the leaks where they admit to all that so they are already caught!

Also Candace said this…

UPDATE 10/27/17

Since Candace Owen found out blaming the skeptic community didn’t work now she’s blaming the Alt Right and Richard Spencer. Plus, she’s rubbing shoulders with CNN now…