MouthyBuddha & The Alt Right – FoxDie Podcast #5

First off what is the “Alt Right” according to conservapedia

The Alt-right, or alternative right, is an emerging faction of the right-wing that opposes unrestrained multiculturalism, un-“skilled” immigration, and globalization.[1][2] The alt-right has emerged as one of the central opponents of the Establishment. Although originally intended to refer to nationalist and anti-establishment conservatives, liberals have twisted the term and have used it to describe white supremecists and neo-Nazis.

The alt right is very misunderstood and it requires a lot more examination. A good place to start is with the Gavin Mcinness video about the Alt-Right vs the Alt-Lite and actual Neo Nazi’s. It may not be the be-all end-all to explain the Alt-Right but it’s a very comprehensive overview. Too much to explain in one post here.

Queue in MouthyBuddha’s new series called “The Jewish Question”, where he gives a objective look at what the alt right believes. It doesn’t have much in terms of commentary to support or debunk the alt right beliefs. It’s more like a documentary, a very well made one at that.  Check them out here.

The reason for the backlash, honestly, is because liberals don’t want their oppositions views to get any light of day. They want to keep it hidden away where nobody even knows it exists. That is the only way they can keep power, by becoming the only option. They use the rhetoric of “If you are against us you are RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC”. This is called a Kafka Trap…

After the video was posted MouthyBuddha has gotten a wave of critics going nuts because he dared to even entertain that the ideology exists. Even talking about reporting his patreon campaign to take away his livelihood. MouthyBuddha is a good example of why Project Fenix exists. Upon reaching funding for Phase 1 the leftists will never be able to do this to another person again. All opinions should be allowed to exist. Not only the ones we agree with.

The left want’s to be the only option in town. If you disagree with them you are EVIL! Nobody wants to be evil, nobody wants to be called bad names. It makes people feel bad after all. Listen to the full podcast for my opinion on Mouthy Buddha’s videos!