Jordan Peterson is LITERALLY Hitler – FoxDie #29

How dare people hear ideas that aren’t things they already agree with! That creates a toxic environment, right? Right?

Lindsay Shepherd, a Wilfrid Laurier University graduate student and teaching assistant, landed in hot water with the university over a video clip, featuring controversial University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, she used in a critical thinking course. After receiving complaints, the university claimed she created a toxic environment. Shepherd had a meeting with faculty and administration, here are excerpts from the secretly recorded conversation. Source:

This insanity has to stop. A poor teacher’s aid was brought to tears by faculty members berating her for daring to show a clip by Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is the man who went to battle against Canada’s infamous C-16 bill and got into a lot of hot water at Toronto University.

The Canadian bill C-16 makes it illegal to “discriminate” against transgender people. In Jordan Peterson’s case, it was because he refused to use made up pronouns the SJW’s demanded like “they/them” for a singular person, and “xe/xer” for whatever that means.

Few points from the audio clip that i’d like to note here for reference.

Did Jordan Peterson dox someone? Kinda…


I mean it’s not technically doxing because he didn’t give their name, address, phone number, ect. He did link to their personal Facebook pages which would have that information. So i’d say its up for interpretation if he “doxed” them or not. It’s still not right regardless of which side you are on.

Has Jordan Peterson ever endorsed white nationalist views? No.

On the contrary actually, he did have a speaker uninvited from a panel he spoke on because she went on a podcast run by the Daily Stormer. An emphatic no, but at the same time he did de-platform Faith Goldy for the same reason SJW’s do it. Read that story here: