Joel Osteen Exposed The World’s Biggest False Prophet – FoxDie #34

Video version with gags and jokes:

Joel Osteen is probably the worst thing to happen to Christianity in a while. He is the Vince Mcmahon of Christianity. He is a liar and a fraud!

He is the Doctor Phil of Christianity. Rich as can be, barely gives any real advice, doesn’t actually help anyone and is endorsed by OPRAH! Why do people even give this hack money!

Here’s another example of Christianity being exploited as a ways to make money on false hope.

By the way who turned out to be a crackhead who was selling bum properties to his viewers and got put in jail for it.

Or this lunatic who says if you give him $5,000 dollars god will do what you ask him to do. Why not just call up 1-800-God and donate directly? Oh wait… this guy went to jail too for fraud.