It’s Alright To Be Alt-Right – FoxDie #25

Jordan Peterson is on the chopping block now with people after he was part of the decision making process to un-invite Faith Goldy from a free speech event.

I find this strangely parallel to the same exact reason Theyrn Meyer decided to completely tear down Roaming Millennial for interviewing Richard Spencer.

People have this nasty disposition of “if you talk to the alt right and aren’t extremely rude and prodding into their ideology you are doing something wrong”. It blows my mind. You can have differences in politics and have a nice civil discussion. Not every single live stream or interview has to be a massive debate that turns into what happened with Blaire White vs Candace Owens over on Ruben Report. It doesn’t need to be like that. This whole “your journalistic integrity is to debate em and grill em on their views” is nonsense.

If that’s the scope of the show by all means knock yourself out. I think there is a time for debate, and a time to just hear the other side out and let the audience make up their own mind. In the end it’s just opinions from individuals who will probably never meet in real life and won’t amount to much on the grand scheme anyway to be honest.

It’s alright to be alt-right. If you have those views, god bless you and godspeed with your activism. My problem comes in when someone has to limit free speech to try and stifle said ideas because they are “so bad nobody should hear them”. This “Forbidden Knowledge” nonsense is called the Streisand Effect. You try to bury and idea or event and it will make people go look for it much harder than if it was just there to begin with.

Think of Faith Goldy did show up to that even with Jordan Peterson. Everything went fine, no incidents. What would be the news story? Who would care? Nobody would even bother to talk about it a few weeks from now. However, when you attempt to bury a lead like this then it will stay in the room like a wet fart. People will dig into it! They won’t shut up then even more drama happens! You thought it would be a good idea to try to avoid conflict from ideological crybabies the event was created to debunk!