• vonSanneck

    In my part of the world Halloween is not really a thing, yet. We call Halloween “Night of witches”. They are trying to make it. October 31st is a national holiday called “Reformation Day”, due to it being connected with solidification of Slovenian language to tomes and say the Bible in Slovenian.

    To me though all this “You cannot be this costume” business is full of double standards & hypocrisy. If you cannot be something because of a racial connection to the piece of costume, would that apply to witches, vampires, wolfmen and the like to be only ok for caucasians? Just a thought: if one thing isn’t ok, nothing will be. And looking at old halloween pictures around 100 years old, those are some spooky original stuff. The majority don’t have time for custom costumes, sadly.

    Again, most of the costume stuff comes in my area during the Slavic Carneval (Pust). Now that showing up during Halloween in the states would be a culture shock. Especially our “Kurents”, or if you will: dancing demons with the power to compel into uncontrollable dancing.