Dindu Granny! #FreeHat – FoxDie Podcast #13

Once again, we have the idea spread all over twitter that a “poor old grandma is in jail for a non violent crime #FreeGranny” or whatever they are on about at this point.

Of course, nobody looks up why she’s really in jail so here’s the original article from 1997 about her arrest…

Alice Marie Johnson was “the quintessential entrepreneur” said US District Judge Julia Gibbons as she pronounced sentence Friday. “And clearly the impact of 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms of cocaine in this community is significant. http://archive.is/ElgNL

She wasn’t some random old lady selling pot to the kids. A nickel bag here, dime bag there. She was running a cocaine enterprise connected to the Columbians! Has anyone ever seen Scarface for god sake?!

Columbians aren’t somebody you want to mess with. Especially in a drug deal. She wasn’t innocent. Case closed nothing to really even argue here in my opinion. The sjws as always will virtue signal and make a change.org for trump to set her free… Hey morons! News flash! Change.org isn’t the right website. You gotta submit stuff to whitehouse.gov for him to have to address anything!

Even at that… Your lord and savoir Obama didn’t release her either while he was in office. A man with no morals and who was one of the worst presidents ever said NO! Don’t believe me?

CNN wrote an entire cry piece about this woman on October 28th, 2016 and she’s still in jail now. Take a look: http://archive.is/dkMQg