DeAndre Harris Is Fake News – FoxDie Podcast #8

DeAndre Harris is the newest fake news story the left wing is pushing out. “White Supremacists in Charlottesville beat up an innocent black man.” Here’s the original clip the media will show you, which is a blatant lie by omission.

Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

Now what they lie about is that they say “he was innocent, he dindu nuffin, he was a good boy, bag of skittles and a ice tea” well… not quite. Take a look at this.

This was video taken right outside of the car garage. His associate, let’s call him Mr Flamethrower, and him were attempting to steal a confederate flag from a protester so they could burn it. The red circle is Deandre Harris. For more context about why they were taking the flags…

You can see the man with the white shirt at the beginning is “Mr Flamethrower” and the second man who lights the fire is Deandre. They had stolen this flag violently from one of the Unite The Right protesters in Charlottesville.

You can say all you want “THATS NOT HIM, HE DIDN’T BEAT UP ANYBODY, DINDU NUFFIN”. Take that up with DeAndre. He turned himself into the police!

From NBC Channel 29 in Charlottesville, VA:

A man wanted in connection to an assault in Charlottesville on August 12 has turned himself in to police.

Twenty-year-old DeAndre Shakur Harris turned himself to the Charlottesville Police Department around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, October 12. He was served the warrant charging him with unlawful wounding.

Before all of this came out though he made sure to profit off this disaster by going to GoFundMe.

What I find most troubling about this is the $50,000 price tag to get a wound stapled shut. According to my research the average price to close a wound at the ER is $1,665. Not $50,000!

What happened to all the other money not spent on getting his head stapled up? He made a rap video and bought a Mercedes Benz car! This sets a dangerous precedent for people to go out there, cause trouble, then get paid for it!

That’s just how wonderful the left wing media is now. Spread lies, profit, and create a vicious cycle for thugs to go make money off of their gang banging and victim complexes. Good Job Democrats!

For those wondering why I keep calling his friend “Mr. Flamethrower” here’s why…














For Context:

A care worker who fought off white supremacist attackers in Charlottesville with an improvised flame thrower said he had set out for a peaceful protest against “Nazis who took over my town”.

Corey Long  had joined the hundreds of demonstrators in the Virginia city who turned out to heckle at radicals including Ku Klux Klan members who were marching in an ultra right-wing rally.

This was the same man that was burning a flag in the video above. He was also the man that got shot at by that “White Supremecist who shot at an innocent black protester” as shown in this video. Stop the video at around 9 seconds in to see him.

The left wing media does nothing but lie at this point. The Young Turks immediately, as always, wrote their insanely bias version of the story and will never offer a correction. Watch this and fact check what they say with the proof in this article.



It’s amazing how intellectually dishonest the left is. Luckily we are here to debunk them at every turn.

  • greg j

    And did anyone also know that Deondre Harris is actually suing the City of Charlottesville but more specifically the Police in that according to him “the Police stood by and did nothing.”
    Isn’t that ironic considering one of his attackers “Dan Borden” repeatedly asked for Police intervention at Park?
    Harris essentially then is blaming the Police for not protecting him in a unlawful riot that he and Corey Long started. Of course his lawsuit was filed prior to counter video evidence surfacing.
    Video evidence makes absolutely no mistake in showing Harris, Long and compatriots stalking protestors for 3 City blocks. They aggressively pushed an old man, knocked a defensive cane from another man, threw foreign objects, engaged in a decidedly one sided verbal berating which included some rather choice, self-effacing verbiage “N” word. Harris and Long are then seen on video having a brief discussion before Long goes for the flag. Long pulls Crews and flagpole towards garage before Harris, now donning the black mask indigenous to ANTIFA, launches vicious attack. Harris is flattened by one of his own buddies who flees defensive pepper spray that was meant for Harris. Harris flies back and lands near garage island curb. Behind him another protestor is tackled then beaten senseless by Harris’s compatriots. Protestors respond!
    What should Borden and other protestors have done at this point? Give Harris an ice cream cone? What would any of us have done had we seen such an unprovoked vicious attack like what Harris did?
    The main man responsible for the Media lies and massive spin is Greg Palast. It was his photojournalist “Zach Roberts” who selectively edited video and sent copies to major media. The SOB was lying all along and knew it.
    Borden continues to sit in jail with no bond after sitting in solitary confinement for over a month in Cincinnati. Harris turns himself in, gets booked and walks right out a free man on an unsecured bond. I have never before seen such one sided justice like this and it makes me deeply ashamed that this injustice is continuing unabated.