Buzzfeed is Pure Cancer – FoxDie Podcast Episode #6

Buzzfeed is the most hypocritical leftist platform on the internet. There has been absolutely nothing of value to ever come out of anything buzzfeed had a hand in. Their entire platform is based on race baiting, hating white people, and trying to get those glorious clicks. Think of how gawker used to be before the hogan lawsuit, but crank it up to 10. Even with gawker at least some of their articles had some kinda merit if they were talking about news with a video game coming out. Buzzfeed is just trash entirely.

They push the narrative that all white people are racist and you can’t be racist if you are a POC (person of color). They say that, but then turn around and put out a statement like I discussed here in the past.

They hate white people and scream about diversity. The thing is the people that run and own buzzfeed are ACTUALLY WHITE PEOPLE! Isn’t that incredible how white people will use race baiting against themselves just to get clicks. Don’t believe me here is a picture of the buzzfeed owners….┬áJohn S. Johnson III &┬áJonah Peretti














Jonah Peretti (left) & John Johnson III (right)

They support ideas like black lives matter, who are a well known terrorist organization just like Antifa. Black lives matter pushes the notion that black people are getting killed by cops for “just being black”. They rally around people like Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, and other known thugs who got shot because they were attacking the cop or reaching for a gun. Watch this video and get redpilled on what really happened with those “martyrs”

As for blacks being shot more than whites by the police. That’s also extremely inaccurate. Whites are killed more by police by a longshot

They also think that racist mascots are a problem so they went and cried about the Washington Redskins. In a poll, 90% of Native Americans didn’t care about the logo or name!

Buzzfeed is pure cancer! They think everything is racism. They even made this “White Supremacy” pyramid.

Also since Buzzfeed and SJWs love to bring up slavery all the time. Here are some hard statistics showing the US was nowhere near the worst when it came to the slave trade, and it was one of the first to outlaw it!

Brazil didn’t outlaw slavery until 1888 while America outlawed it in 1865 across the entire board. Emancipation proclamation did free slaves in “Free States” but the confederacy didn’t recognize that order.