Blaire White’s Social Experiment is 100% FAKE – FoxDie #28

Here’s the official video with even more info than the podcast itself!


How interesting. After hours of digging last night I found out Blaire White’s “Social Experiment” was all fake or exaggerated heavily. I did a stream showing my findings with all the thought process here for evidence.

It’s long, but 100% uncut and live so nobody can say “you edited the dig so you could spin it”

For those who think it is TLDW here’s the rundown of what was found.

  • Blaire White’s hand was never near the guy’s foot. It was near the back of the hat inside of the cap portion. The guy’s foot was on the bill of the hat.
  • The nail was not broken at the attack scene and no reaction during the attack saying “ow my nail broke” or anything else to back it up.
  • The drink throwing incident was of a red substance, in a later shot the substance was clear. However, at the end of the video Blaire’s boyfriend said “you need a shower” meaning Blaire never washed the substance off.
  • Blaire makes an offhand remark about how the “possibly alcoholic” substance was clear now.

Later it was brought up about how it smelled like a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

As you would know if you ever spilled cranberry juice it stains anything it hits. It’s a mess. The ingredients of a cosmo are shown above. Let’s look at the color of the substances in a Cosmopolitan.

Triple Sec = Clear
Vodka = Clear
Lime Juice = Light Yellow
Cranberry Juice = Red

A cosmo’s color after mixing is the dark orange / red. It wouldn’t stay on you clear.

Now what would hit you with red color and be clear later would be Red Dye + Water! Why would someone carry that around in a cup. Especially since a Cosmo is in a Martini glass not a cup!

There was an incident right after the drink was thrown where Blaire claimed to not be able to open his eyes, along with them having a burning sensation. With a an alcoholic beverage in the eyes or really anything that isn’t saline or lukewarm water it would make Blaire’s eyes very irritated. Meaning red, they would be red. Especially if there is alcohol which irritates the throat, stomach, and other parts of the body the eyes would be especially subdued by this. Look at Blaire’s eyes closely in the original video and here.

Both eyes are not irratated, red, or showing any blood vessels. Now here’s a doctor talking about the damage that comes when alcohol hits a person’s eyeball.

This is Blaire White’s broken nail











Left Hand, Ring Finger. Broken at different location than the attack.

Some critics have said I am showing the wrong finger in the screenshot above. Here’s proof you’re wrong.

The question arose from Blaire White’s fanbase “Why did you not file a police report for the crimes committed”. In which, Blaire lies blatantly seen here…

“Ling said police helped White get up and and away from the area, and that she declined to file a police report or press charges.”

“She did not file a police report about that incident either. Ling said that detectives planned to follow up to see if she wishes to do so.”


The police gave 2 opportunities for Blaire to file a report but he and his boyfriend both refused.

Blaire’s boyfriend was later questioned by a concerned fan who even offered to pay the boyfriend $1000 to file a police report. Blaire’s boyfriend proceeded to berate the fan and call him a “Goat Fucker” and a “Dog Fucker”.


I wonder why he got so upset by a fan asking a question! The fan has decided to make a response video to the entire incident, bringing up even more questions of Blaire White’s credibility.

As for the drink throwing incident. It just looks fake. I can’t provide evidence if it was staged. That will have to wait for a future episode if more details ever come out debunking that entirely.

However, Blaire claimed to not know there was a rally going on that day in Hollywood. Here’s a public Facebook page showing it was going to happen. Why would Blaire target Hollywood blvd on that day to get reactions, if there were only going to be tourists there?

As for more speculation that can’t be 100% verified as of yet. There was a sock account made called “blah blah” that my source thinks is Blaire White & her boyfriend coming out to damage control. Take it with a grain of salt, I have no evidence to prove or disprove the claim beyond what I was given. I’m including it in case anyone wants to dig into this further. 

Use your weaponized autism to your heart’s content folks. I’m just putting it here for further research purposes.

Blaire also went on a stream with NoBullshit, Andy Warski, and Hunter Avalone to try and dispell the rumors. NoBullshit asks some really good questions starting at 31:12 in the video. Give it a watch and really let this whole thing sink in.

Even further into the investigation a new video popped up with a lot of things that I missed in the intial dig. All credit goes to SkyNinjaSpeaks for his digging into this. It’s very good.

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