Blaire White Aint Right

  • Written by FoxDie .. Published 10/26/17

I’ll be 100% up front. This one is for the lulz. No podcast for this. It’s a waste of time to do all that editing for this type of person.  This is for me to have some fun with this topic and just laugh at this pathetic human being.

Blaire “Robbie Faggotron” White sperged about her friends not doing her bidding.




















Start with yourself Robbie. You are the worst offender of all them. Let’s take a look back at one of your worst incidents where you trashed one of your fans named “Crazy Hair” because you wanted to be a diva at vidcon!

Don’t blame Robbie too much… he was “spinning” from the cocaine and alcohol he induldged in that night.

Robbie Faggotron, now known as Blaire White used to be an sjw channel about gay dating topics. Basically imagine a discount Riley Dennis, if you will.

And for all you people saying “He transitioned well”… well brother… wrong again! Robbie/Blaire is still a man with a dick and balls. No gender reassignment surgery for him.











I  would reach out to Blaire White to quash this petty dramafest, but I’M BLOCKED! Gotta have thick skin in this business amirite?

Just to top this lulzfest off with a fun note. All the makeup, filters, and other photoshop tricks you do to yourself can’t hide what you really look like without them…. take a look..

No photoshop, no filters, no lighting tricks. Can’t control his environment to cover up what he really looks like. I love the fact we went from this:

into this:

In Conclusion…